5 Reasons You Are Overpaying Your Utility Bill

5 Reasons You Are Overpaying Your Utility Bill
28 May 2014

Potentially, millions of people are overpaying on their utility bills, but they don’t know it. Do you carefully examine each one of your monthly bills? Here are 5 things to consider that might help you save money.

1. Utility companies are run by humans and they make mistakes.

2. Utility rules and regulations are complex and confusing, plus
they offer dozens of rate structures. Are you on the correct one?

3. Most companies do not have the expertise to audit their utility bills
and because of company downsizing today, they don’t have the time either.

4. The House Ways and Means Committee states that we overpay
taxes on utility bills by 9 billion dollars a year due to utility overcharges.

5. $2.3 billion dollars went unclaimed by companies who failed to receive
available discounts and refunds on their utility bill.

Image Credit: DC.gov

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